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Nepal is a best destination for your important holidays. Here are Ever Mountain paradises where you can enjoy your time doing some trekking, tour, rafting, and climbing. Trekking stands for you need a guide who can explain your trekking and tours experience in many ways where ever you are visiting. We are an Ever Mountain Treks Company would like to request our values clients to hire either guide or porter to support their economy and create the job for them. Guide does help in his duty period showing you the trail, explain you about area, place, mountain, village, people, culture, monasteries, temple, geography, local flora and fauna, events and festivals, books lodge in the busy trekking season, help your backpack if you are weak and all bad situations. A porter is hired to carry yours bag and show you trail that can make a big different trekking in your holiday.  Porters generally less speak English but they understand what you ask because they have lot of experience about on these fields. Some time you can hire porter-guide too. This is the best solution for your time. Porter-guide is smart than porter so they have also lot of experience about trekking. This is part of become guide. If you have not buying full package trip, we have lot of experience guide, porter-guide and porter. Mainly the cost of the trip depends on the season and trekking reason. That’s why please contact us further information for the hiring and cost details.

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